The Wordsworth Experience at Rydal Mount

Experience an unforgettable stay at Rydal Mount, the cherished home of the great poet from 1813 until his passing in 1850. Featured in the prestigious Sunday Times,  this is an opportunity to immerse yourself in literary history.

Your Wordsworth Experience Itinerary:

Check-in and Breakfast Prep (4pm – 4:30pm): Start your journey at Rydal Lodge Country House Bed and Breakfast, where you’ll pre-order your breakfast for the following day. Afterward, ascend to Rydal Mount, where an expert custodian will warmly welcome you. They will guide you through the poet’s residence and the captivating gardens, breathing life into Wordsworth’s world while answering any queries you might have.

Night in History: Your night will be spent in the very room where William and Mary Wordsworth once shared their dreams, nestled in a charming four-poster bed. You’ll also have exclusive access to a private bathroom, a cozy drawing room, a delightful dining room, and the picturesque gardens throughout your stay.

Dining Options: While there are no cooking facilities at Rydal Mount, you can indulge in culinary delights at The Badger Bar, a nearby traditional inn, or explore the abundant restaurants and pubs just a mile away in Ambleside.

Morning Departure (8:30am): To prepare the house for day visitors, kindly vacate the property by 8:30am. You’ll then descend the hill to Rydal Lodge for a scrumptious breakfast in their elegant drawing room.

Extend Your Stay: The Wordsworth Experience is available for one-night stays, but don’t miss the chance to extend your Rydal visit. Book additional nights at Rydal Lodge Country House Bed and Breakfast to explore the area’s rich offerings at a leisurely pace.

Book Your Wordsworth Experience:

Bookings for this exclusive encounter can be made by phone or email: info@rydallodge.co.uk or call 015394 33208. When contacting us, please specify that you are booking The Wordsworth Experience.

Pricing: £400 includes a guided tour, an overnight stay at Rydal Mount, full access to the house and gardens from 5pm to 8:30am, and a delicious breakfast at Rydal Lodge B&B in the morning.

Immerse yourself in the essence of Wordsworth’s world – book your Wordsworth Experience today!

You will have the gardens to yourself to stroll in at your leisure.


You will have the gardens to yourself to stroll in at your leisure.

You will have the gardens to yourself to stroll in at your leisure.

In the morning, breakfast will be at nearby Rydal Lodge B&B.

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