Windermere_ 6 miles

Explore Windermere and Bowness’s stunning lakeside beauty, with boat rides, charming shops, and breathtaking views. Windermere, England’s largest lake beckons with its expansive beauty. Take a boat cruise to enjoy the views from the water; engage in sailing adventures, go fishing, or relish lakeside walks as the shimmering waters mirror the landscape that surrounds them. Bowness was originally a small fishing village. The older town of Bowness dates back to the 15th century. The arrival of the railway line in 1847 brought a flocks of Victorian tourists to the area and resulted in the creation of Windermere town and the expansion of Bowness. Gummers How: hike to the summit for a captivating vista of Lake Windermere and the surrounding wonders of the Lake District. Or, take a moderate hike to Jenkin Crag for panoramic views of Lake Windermere. Explore this mock-gothic castle on the shores of Lake Windermere, with family-friendly activities.

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